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Optimum Nutrition Protein Review

 Optimum Nutrition Protein Review


Today I will be giving my honest review of the Optimum Nutrition protein. First off I’m going to talk about the taste, I was lucky enough and got to taste the chocolate flavor. I would really say that I enjoyed the taste of the chocolate and how rich it tasted. This optimum nutrition protein was not as good as chocolate milk, but for a chocolate whey protein, I thought it was delicious compared to other brands. One of the most important things that I noticed was that It contained very low fat and sugar.

Rate for taste
After trying Gold Standard protein I rate them a 9/10 for the taste portion

Texture/ How it Mixes

When mixing this protein I used a simple shaker bottle, I shook it for about thirty seconds or so. I’ve noticed that compared to other proteins it mixed fairly good. In the end, there were some pieces clumped up but not horrible at all.

Rate for mixes and texture
After mixing and tasting I would rate this section a 8/10


Saying the effectiveness is very hard on protein cause there are no quick results like pre-workout. What I can say is though the purpose of protein is to either get extra calories in your diet or to be used as a meal-replacement when you’re in a hurry or just lazy.Since I began using this protein I have started gaining more muscle weight but it is hard to tell cause there are so many factors



I have failed to find a Gold Standard Whey Protein that failed to taste and carry out as a great protein powder to use. Optimums price compared to other proteins powders are also very considerate. This whey protein has a high protein content per scoop. More importantly, it has ingredients that make it my favorite protein to use. With that being one of my favorite parts, I award Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein an overall score of 9/10. Buy your optimum nutrition protein today!(Down below I provided a direct link to optimum nutrition protein if you want to check it out)

My Experiences with optimum nutrition protein

My experience with optimum nutrition has always been good they make quality supplements so I was happy to try their optimum nutrition protein. When using this protein I always have a great recovery because of the bcaa’s.  One of my favorite things about the optimum nutrition protein is the price compared to their proteins you just can beat it. In conclusion with the effectiveness and the price, optimum nutrition protein is my favorite protein to use. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below.



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