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Top 5 Vitamins to Take

What are Vitamins

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the top 5 vitamins to take and why they are so important. Later in the article, I will also be specifying what the best vitamin for a female and a male.Vitamins are the nutrients our bodies needs in order to maintain daily functions such as immune system and a constant metabolism.There are many everyday tasks that our bodies do that cant be done without a vitamin being needed and it is important to know the types, fat soluble and water soluble vitamins.


Fat-soluble are vitamins that stay stored in your body for awhile some of these fats stay in the body for a few days, some for up to 5 months! how these are then used when the body decides it time/ the vitamins are needed carriers in the body take them where they are needed. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat-soluble vitamins.


Water-soluble vitamins are usually consumed when you eat different kinds of foods. When storing these vitamins your body doesn’t hold on to them like the fat-soluble instead they travel through your bloodstream whatever your body does not use it comes out when you urinate. Now on to my top 5 vitamins to take and their importance to personal health.


Top 5 Vitamins to Take

Down below I listed what I think are the top 5 vitamins to take and provided a bit about them. Most of these are affordable vitamins yet very important to why not give them a try?

1. Multivitamin.Why should I take multivitamins? This one ranked number one in my top 5 vitamins to take because it is very universal.Multivitamins are one of my favorites because everyone can benefit from it. This is a great way to avoid taking tons of different kinds of vitamins and still receive the nutrients you need in daily life. When choosing a multivitamin the most important thing to do it to read the label. When reading the label look for nutrients that you need, for example, if you have a family issue of prostate cancer choose a multivitamin with lots of selenium.

What to look for and how to take multivitamins

If you are looking for a multivitamin I like to make sure includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, as well as potassium, zinc, and iodine but some will not contain all of these. The best way to take multivitamins and to maximize absorption, split your vitamin in two and take half in the morning and the other half in the evening before going to bed. ( Down below I listed a great multivitamin to take.)

2.Fish Oil. Why should I take fish oil? There are many great advantages to fish oil such as to protect your own heart, helps enhance brain and memory clearness helps to lower blood pressure, lower stress and gives you healthier hair.When people refer to omega 3 which are in fish oil it includes DHA, ALA, and EPA. When choosing vitamins to be sure to choose high-quality supplements that contain high levels of DHA and EPA.Omega-3 fatty acids can not only be found in fish oils but some plant and nut oils. Take 600 mg of DHA daily.( Down below I linked a great and cheap fish oil)

3. Vitamin D3. Why should I take vitamin D.If you haven’t heard of vitamin D your missing out this is a very important vitamin to maintain good health. Low vitamin D in the body has been linked to several types of cancer,

weight gain, depression, and weaker bones. Vitamin D can be found in the sun when the sun hits or body your body converts some of the rays into vitamin D which many Americans don’t get enough sunlight.More than 800 IU/day – can have great benefits so why not try it. (I provided a direct link)



4.Calcium with Magnesium. Why should I take calcium?Calcium is very important and can easily find its way in your daily life. Calcium has many advantages, for example, it helps keep our bones and teeth strong do they don’t break or chip easily. Also, our muscles, blood vessels, and nervous systems also need calcium to function correctly on day to day basis. When taking calcium my recommended dosage would be to take 600 mg of calcium with 400 mg of magnesium daily. Magnesium use is it can help prevent

calcium effects on constipation. One reminder or waging is do not take calcium within 1-2 hours of taking another vitamin just cause it can ruin the absorption process this usually follows with many other types of vitamins.

5. Vitamin C. Why should I take vitamin C?  Vitamin C  has many good benefits such as repair and regenerate tissues, protect against

heart disease, help absorption of iron, and aids in cholesterol levels. Have you ever thought I wish there was a way to prevent common sicknesses well Vitamin C may also help with symptoms of a common cold or another sickness by boosting your immune system?

Best vitamin men

Vitamin D

I know that I had mentioned vitamin D already but it is very important to men’s health. Men need vitamin D to produce testosterone.And yes it still helps maintain strong bones, protect brain health, prevent mood disorders like depression, and help control cholesterol and blood pressure levels.Another very import study on vitamin D is that it lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes (which are top for leading deaths in the U.S) by lowering inflammation.(If you are interested I left the link in the above section)

Best vitamin women

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is important for building and maintaining strong bones, blood clotting, and preventing heart disease. A

very interesting fact is currently the number one cause of death among women living in the U.S is hear disease. Many women fall short in this valuable nutrient many people underestimate vitamin K even though it is essential. Vitamin K1 is found in vegetables, while vitamin K2 is found in things like dairy products.


I hoped that you learned a lot about top 5 vitamins to take and information about vitamins and their importance in everyday life. Are you wondering if you should get vitamins why not it can add many years to your life an make you feel like a new person? If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below I will be happy to answer them! If you wanna learn more about supplements CLICK HERE to read more.


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