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Wearable technology in fitness

Wearable Technology in Fitness

Are you here looking for some great wearable technology in fitness well you came to the right place? There are many different wearable technologies here in the fitness world. In this article, I will be discussing different wearable technology in fitness and how they can benefit.


First off I will be talking about one of the most known technology in fitness which is the Fitbit. The fit-bit is berry “popular” for teenagers and adults. A Fitbit is great you wear it throughout the entire day because why would you want to decrease your number of steps for the day? You even wear it to bed because you want to know how you sleep at night. What I’m saying is that Fitbit tracks you 24/7 whether you are sleeping or you are cleaning dishes. Just one thing to add your Fitbit should be worn on your nondominant hand.

Pros to the Fit-bit

  • The Fitbit tells you your fat burning zone, this is important to you cause it shows heart rate when in cardio, and when you hit your peak. This is extremely helpful for you workout fanatics looking to stay in the fat burning zone as much as possible.
  • When it vibrates that you’ve met your 10,000 step goal for the day. This is a cool feature cause this lets you know that you have met your goal and it has been an active day.
  • It lets you know how many calories are burnt in the day. This feature is awesome because it allows you to see how many you calories one burnt compared to how many you ate. When you are a calorie deficit this is when you start to lose fat.
  • Tells you how many stairs you have climbed this is just a cool feature to look at
  • Tracks your sleep, this is one of my favorite features cause it shows how much sleep you are getting. If you are not getting a lot of sleep it will tell you and you can fix your sleeping patterns, sleep in very important.
  • The app that goes along with the Fit-bit. The app is a great app you can compete against friends to see who gets more steps and other challenges. Doing these challenges pushes you to get more step equaling out more fat loss or a more healthy lifestyle.

The cons

  • Many people pick up on the bad habit of paying attention to the calories burned and think they can go off of that to see how many calories they are able to consume. Ignore the large pretty 2,000-4,000 number because you didn’t burn off every single calorie you took in that day
  • The number of steps is not always accurate. For instance, if you do a spin or ride a bike for cardio it doesn’t count the number of times you pedal around which is pretty obvious. Your Fitbit tracks step from your wrist so when you’re holding your machine and your arm is not swinging then it will not be counting.
  • And for the last con, the Fitbit may lose your heart rate through workouts. For instance, if you are sweating like crazy it is hard for the Fitbit to ready your heart rate, but this is a minor problem that can be fixed by just wiping your arm.

Overall if you are looking to buy a Fitbit they are a great tool to help you lose weight. ( I left the link to the cheapest most useful Fitbit to get down below!)I have learned to check my Fitbit for my heart rate and whether I stayed in the fat burning zone as long as I wanted to or stayed in the cardio zone longer then I needed too. Fitbits are great to track progress and get an upper hand in fitness Order yours today! ( Down below I have listed the cheapest and efficient Fitbit!)

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes

Next up I will be talking about the Under Armour Gemini 3 smart shoes. If you have no idea what this is these are shoes that do an accurate measure of your workouts and gives you an end of your workout summary

Infomation in this shoe

  • This shoes is a Ultra-cushioned, neutral shoe designed to deliver unmatched comfort
  •  Tracks, analyzes & stores virtually every running metric so you know exactly what you need to do to get better and is bale to connect to your phone.
  • Gives you awards
  • This is a more efficiant way to tack steps
  • Get moving with or without your phone this makes it so you don’t need your phone just a shoe
  • Has great ventilation for shoes to prevent smell.


In conclusion, there are many wearable tecnology here in the fitness world. This list will be upadet often so check back soom

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