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What is the Difference Between Muscle and Strength

Intro to what is the difference between muscle and strength

Today I am here to provide with the answer what is the difference between muscle and strength. Out in the fitness world, many people can get confused by the terms building muscle and building strength. For those people that didn’t know yes there is a difference between the two and hopefully, by the end of the article I can clear things up. Keep in mind that the two do go hand in hand with each other. Number one way to get best results in both categories is to have somewhat good nutrition, make sure you keep on those proteins!(If you wanna read my review on Optimum Nutrition Protein Click here)When you are done the reading I want you to take a second and think which results do I want and should I be building muscle or going for strength or maybe you want a combination of both. Let’s go more into detail about what is the difference between muscle and strength starting off with building muscle.

Building Muscle

Before I start talking about the two I want you to realize that for optimized results doing the opposite of what group you are targeting will never hurt and can actually help. Building muscle, this is more targeting what your appearance is and how you look not really caring ho much you lift. When building muscle you will be using a lot more time over tension. This means you will be doing more reps but always keeping tension on the muscles.This way of lifting has a high repetition count burning more calories and getting plenty of blood into the muscles.Each workout can be anywhere from 10-25 reps keeping tension on the muscle for out all reps.

Workouts forĀ  Building Muscle
This is not fully accurate for everyone but this is a broad way to explain more about muscle building workouts. Muscle building usually consists of more machine work just because it can target the muscle you are focusing on better. An example of a machine used is a chest fly machine this really targets the chest and takes the pressure off your shoulders or any other muscles.(Down below I listed what I think are more of muscle building workouts remember lots of these overlap)

  • Curls
  • Leg press
  • chest flies
  • triceps extension

There are much more to the list but I’m sure you get the point these are exercises that target one muscle group.

Building Strength

When building strength these are people that couldn’t care less about what they look like and more about how much weight they can put up at the gym. Building pure strength is going to require lots of calories many people take mass gainer to help with this. Choosing this rout workouts are going to be quicker but very intense workouts. Training for strength is usually workouts that are lower reps of around 1-5. Reasoning to as why the reps are only 1-5 is because you want to do the heaviest weight possible. Using heavyweight will tear down your muscle fibers and regrown with lots of Protein causing your strength to increase over time.


Workouts For StrengthWhat is the difference between muscle and strength this is more strength because of the lift

Like I said earlier these can be used for building muscle but these are generally for building strength. These workouts include lifts that incorporate heavyweight and many muscle groups. Many people refer strength training workouts to Olympic style lifts.

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Cleans
  • Heavyweight bench

Most of these lifts are lifts that you load up tons of wight and give it everything in order to get it up.


In conclusion, there is defiantly a difference between the two and you decide what right for you. When you are trying to only focus on one of these groups it is always good to take a step back once an awhile and switch over. Switching over once in a while can be every two weeks doing this can help a lot. For example, if you are at a plateau because this can shock your muscles causing them to grow cause they’re not used to the workout. I hope that you found this article helpful and now you know what workouts are right for you. Know that your done reading the article I hope you can answer what is the difference between muscle and strength.




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